Facial Reconstruction

http://cl-ad.de/60374-dulcolax-price.html deduce The face is often affected by diseases and accidents that can be disfiguring and impair facial function. Facial reconstructive procedures are performed to restore normal facial features and function. Common facial reconstructive procedures include re-building the face following removal of facial cancer, repair facial birth defects such as cleft lip

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Facial Rejuvenation

http://tucsokraj.hu/media/mamiya/4383 Facial rejuvenation is restoring youthful facial appearance through a combination of surgical and non-surgical procedures. Facial rejuvenation procedures include facelift, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, filler injection, forehead lift, neurotoxin injections (Botox) skin resurfacing among others. A customized approach to enhance your natural facial feature provides the best results in most situations.

Cosmetic Procedures

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