cheap viagra online The face is prone to injuries from blunt and penetrating trauma that result from interpersonal violence, falls, sports and motor-vehicle accidents. Trauma to the face can result to injuries of the facial skin and soft tissue as well as fractures of the facial skeleton. The facial skeleton protects delicate structures in close proximity including the brain, eyes, nerves and blood vessels. Injuries to these structures can be life-threatening.

specialize dramamine canada Treatment for facial trauma begins after all life-threatening injuries have been treated or stabilized. A CT scan may be performed to evaluate the facial skeleton. Fractures of the facial bones need to be treated in a timely fashion to minimize the risk of long-term facial defects that can be more challenging to repair.  Fractures of the facial bones are repaired using small titanium plates and screws. Injuries to the jaw bone occasionally requires wiring the jaw shut for a few days to allow the bones to heal. Injuries to the facial skin and soft tissue are repaired using stitches after thoroughly cleaning the wound. Following treatment you may be given a short course of antibiotics and pain medication. You diet may also be restricted to soft foods whiles the fractures heal.  It is important to follow your physicians instructions to allow optimal healing.

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