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isentress cost code Facial reanimation surgery is performed to restore facial movement after facial paralysis. Facial paralysis can have very devastating  effects. It takes away the ability to smile and express emotions which is a very important form of communication. Facial paralysis can impair the ability to speak and eat. Research has shown that people with facial paralysis are perceived as being unattractive and angry. Facial paralysis can lead to social isolation and depression.

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prescription retinol cream submit There are several conditions that can cause facial paralysis. Causes of facial paralysis include; viral infections, traumatic injuries, birth defect and tumors. Bells palsy and Ramsay Hunt syndrome are among the most frequent causes of facial. These are viral infections that affect the facial nerve. Fortunately, most people with facial paralysis from viral infections have complete recovery with timely and appropriate treatment. Injuries to the head and face that involve the facial nerve can also result in facial paralysis. Tumors of the facial nerve and tumors in the vicinity of the facial nerve can result in facial paralysis. Treatment of these tumors may involve removal of a portion of the facial nerve that will lead to facial paralysis. Congenital facial paralysis is present at birth and affects a small number of children. Congenital paralysis is usually a result of defects in the facial nerve or facial muscles.
WHAT TO EXPECT? bolster If you develop facial paralysis you should contact your physician immediately. The initial management for facial paralysis may include measures to protect the eye, steroid and antiviral medications and testing to determine the cause of the facial paralysis. Imaging studies and electrical studies such as electromyography (EMG) or electroneurography (ENOG)  may be conducted  to evaluate the condition of the facial nerve and muscles.

ou faire des rencontres amoureuses govern There are several surgical procedures performed to improve facial paralysis. When the facial nerve is injured, a procedure is performed to restore the integrity of the nerve. Other cases require “borrowing” surrounding nerves to control the facial muscles. In some cases both the facial muscles and nerve are non-functional and a new muscle has to be transferred to the face to restore motion. The procedures selected for facial reanimation is dependent on your health and type and duration of facial paralysis. Your physician will create a custom management plan that fits your condition.

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